Body Transformation

The 60 Days Transformation Program 2016 has come to an end. Well done to all participants for doing a great job in transforming yourselves to be better you (be it physically or athletically). You all are awesome!

Also, we congratulate the following for winning the challenge. Your determination and perseverance are definitely exemplary and inspirational!

1st Prize: RM1500 + 3 Months MetCon X membership : Vinesh Tee


2nd Prize: RM1000 + 2 Months MetCon X membership : Yee Man


3rd Prize: RM500 + 1 Month MetCon X membership : Derek Chong


Event details :

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Crash diets. Meal replacement diets. 1000 hours on the treadmill. Endless sit-ups and push-ups. Loads of hard earned money spent. Plenty of blood, sweat and tears just to get back into your favourite pair of jeans or to rock that Little Black Dress. It was worth it! But wait. The weight didn’t stay off? Did you just put it back on faster than before you started the diet? Sound familiar? Are you about done with that?

Over the past few years, Coach Dann and his team have been actively developing a customised body transformation program for their contenders. Curious as to how to create a viable, feasible and sustainable program, various fitness disciplines have been researched, took advice from other fitness experts and subsequently getting himself and his coaches certified with courses related to health and fitness (both local and foreign certifications). All this so they would be able to understand the total concept of body transformation.

Here are a few common “rules” of body transformation programs available out there that the team has noted :

  1. You cannot eat carbs
  2. You must avoid fat/oil/salt
  3. You have to prepare your own food (no eating outside)
  4. You cannot eat vegetables or frubest free hookup sites on because they’re full of sugar
  5. You must consume supplements
  6. You have to go to the gym
  7. You are advised to skip meals or replace meals with something else (usually liquid based)

Did you spot anything familiar?

Now let’s talk transformation. MetCon X 60 Days Transformation Program takes into account all the common issues that people who join diet programs have to deal with and revolutionizes it! In just 60 days you could reduce by as much as 10.1kg or lose 14cm on your waistline. Our previous season has proven its effectiveness.

At this point, given the fact that you are on this website and are reading this link you would be aware that Metcon X is about working out, having fun and still seeing results. Bearing this in mind, any effective body transformation program will require not just a change in eating habits but a proven and efficient workout program. So now, we give you both, the perfect solution to help you achieve your goals in the most realistic way possible.

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MetCon X 60-Day Transformation Program


The program will commence on the 7th September 2016 and end 5th November 2016 (60 days). A briefing will be held on 3rd September 2016 (Saturday). Attendance is compulsory.


Open to all!  It will be competition based and the winners will be rewarded with cash prizes totaling RM3000. All participants are required to commit to 2 (two) months of the Metcon X outdoor workout program at any location of their choice. Participants are entitled to unlimited sessions at all locations.

to order cheap drugs without a doctor How much?

The fee for MetCon X 60-Day Transformation Program (one off) is RM275. Additionally the monthly subscription for the 2 (two) months Metcon X workout must also be paid as part of the package (RM424).


  1. Existing Contender
  • If your MetCon X membership expires after 5th November 2016, you just need to top up RM275 to participate in the program.
  • If you are an existing Contender and your membership is valid until 7th September 2016 (or part of September), you pay for 2 Months membership of RM424 and transformation program worth RM275 (Total payable: RM699). Renewal of membership must ensure that membership is valid through 5th November 2016.
  • If you are an existing Contender that is not committed to any promotion package (Corporate/Quarterly/Yearly) then the total payable amount for this program is RM699 (RM424+RM275 = RM699).
  1. Non-member

If you are not an existing Metcon X Contender then your total payable amount for 7th September to 5th November is also RM424 (Total payable: RM275+RM424=RM699)

  1. Existing CrossFit Pahlawan athlete

Top up RM275 for the program with an active CrossFit Pahlawan membership that is valid through 5th November 2016.

*No student rate nor first timer rate (RM100) is applicable for this program.


  1. Online
    1. Select and identify which package is suitable for you
    2. Bank in / transfer the total amount to MBB: MCX Fitness Sdn Bhd 562973008167
    3. Create Mindbodyonline account here
    4. Email to these details:
      1. Payment slip
      2. email address of your fb profile (to be added on transformation support group)
      3. Mindbodyonline account name and email address
  1. Over the counter
    1. Select and identify which package is suitable for you
    2. Pay the total amount by cash/ cheque/ credit card
    3. Provide email address of your fb profile (to be added on transformation support group)
    4. Create MBO account here


Pre- (3rd Sept 2016), Post- (5th Nov 2016)

  1. Visual
    a) Front, back, left and right
  2.  Body composition:
    a) Girth: neck, chest, upper arm, waist, hip, thigh
    b) Weight
    c) Bio-electrical impedance analysis (Tanita)
  3. Athletic performance
    a) Cardio: 1000m row for time
    b) Strength: 1RM deadlift
    c) Power endurance: 2mins wall balls (20@10/14@8)


Winners will be selected by unique point system

1) Visual:

A panel of juries will be judging visual improvement of all participants.

2) Waist girth:

Percentage of improvement will be calculated.

For example:

Derek started with 36” and finished at 32”. So result in percent will be 11.11%

Joe started with 32” and finished at 28” so result in percent will be 12.5%

Joe will be the first place in this category.

3) Body fat:

Percentage of body fat improvement will be calculated by Tanita machine before and after Transformation program.

4) Athletic Performance:

All performances of cardio, strength and power endurance (sub-category) will be taken into account.


Details of this unique point system will be elaborated during the briefing on 3rd September 2016.

to order at a low figure drugs on line IMPORTANT DATES

  • 3rd September 2016 (Saturday) 10am to 2pm – Registrations, briefing, measurements, photography and assessments at CrossFit Pahlawan, Citta Mall.
    • *Attendance is compulsory, please make yourself available.
  • 7th September 2016 (Wednesday) – Day 1: Program begins
  • 6th October 2016 (Thursday) – Self photography by all participants on Day 30.
  • 5th November 2016 (Saturday) 10am to 2pm – Day 60: Measurements, photography, assessments and announcement of winners at CrossFit Pahlawan, Citta Mall
    • *Attendance is compulsory, please make yourself available.


1st Prize: RM1500 + 3 Months MetCon X membership

2nd Prize: RM1000 + 2 Months MetCon X membership

3rd Prize: RM500 + 1 Month MetCon X membership


All participants are entitled to get unlimited sessions at these locations and sessions during the entire transformation program


So there you have it! Are you ready to be transformed? Contact us at to find out more.

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