MetCon X is an outdoor group exercise which incorporates fitness and metabolic conditioning, targeting to help weight-loss and improving stamina, suitable for everyone.

Why MetConX?

  • Established by a group of experienced and qualified fitness specialists with elite sports background.
  • A program designed based on sports fitness training, modified or adjusted for each individual of different fitness levels.
  • The program is scientifically proven to deliver maximum gain with only one (1) hour of workout, three (3) times a week.
  • Created to engage all of the body’s energy systems including aerobic and anaerobic; improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and achieves fat burning effects.
  • All our certified instructors have undergone intensive training in various fitness disciplines. They are also passionate and intuitive, allowing you to enjoy your routine while achieving your goals.

MetCon X – For Who?

  • Anyone & everyone, from all walks of life.
  • People with zero workout experience.
  • Old, young, under- or overweight.
  • Recreational exerciser or athlete.
  • Individuals or corporations (perfect for team building).